Disable Firefox Microphone/Webcam Widget

Old instructions

Whenever you’re using the micrphone or the webcam in Mozilla Firefox, it displays a little widget at the top of your display. This little widget can be annoying. Here’s how to get rid of it:

  1. Enable “legacy” user styles in about:config:
  2. Add the following to ~/.mozilla/firefox/your-profile-folder/chrome/userChrome.css (create it if it doesn’t exist):
    /* Add the following line at the top of the file if it doesn't already exist. */
    @namespace url("");
    #webrtcIndicator {
        display: none;
  3. Restart Firefox

New instructions

Don’t prompt me every time I try to share my screen whether it’s okay.

media.navigator.permission.disabled true

Disable the floating bar that tells me I’m sharing my screen.

privacy.webrtc.hideGlobalIndicator true
privacy.webrtc.legacyGlobalIndicator false