Docker Containers and DNS

I was having an issue where my docker containers, on a CentOS 8 host, were not able to use DNS. They were able to talk to IP addresses directly, but they were unable to utilize my host system’s DNS. I found out that Docker is not officially supported on RHEL 8 as of right now, and that firewalld switched from using an iptables backend to an nftables backend in RHEL 8. Docker configures its own access using iptables, but since firewalld is not really paying attention to iptables, it seems to fail. Switching firewalld to use iptables again resolved this issue.


# FirewallBackend
# Selects the firewall backend implementation.
# Choices are:
#       - nftables (default)
#       - iptables (iptables, ip6tables, ebtables and ipset)